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Dyo Dyo Ouzo caramels handmade hard candy

Dyo-Dyo Ouzo caramels handmade hard candy, the exotic taste of the Greek isles, unique ouzo caramels with distinctive flavor, confections for the health-conscious.  If the essence of the Greek Isles could be distilled into a small confection, it would be our ouzo flavored handmade hard candy.

The signature aperitif of Greece!

Made in GreeceOuzo is a signature aperitif of Greece and is an alluring taste of the captivating Mediterranean. When mixed with water, Ouzo takes on a milky-white appearance.

Dyo Dyo has reproduced this exotic taste in our ouzo caramels, a delicious hard candy that will convince your mouth and mind you’re sipping on a cocktail in a villa above the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Award-Winning dyo-dyo

Monde-Selection-Silver-Quality-Award-2017The Dyo Dyo Ouzo caramels handmade hard candy were awarded a silver medal in the world competition, Monde Selection with Silver Quality Award 2017

Dyo Dyo Ouzo caramels handmade hard candy is one of the best hard candies in the Greek market.

Composition of the dyo-dyo hard candies

sugar freeDyo Dyo Ouzo caramels handmade hard candy dyo-dyo are made up of all-natural ingredients such as Isomalt. water. natural anisole, natural color:titanium dioxide (E171), acidifier: citric acid, vitamin C. all packed in a glass jar.
Dyo Dyo Ouzo caramels Candy has a wonderful Greek flavor.

gluten freeThese caramels leave your mouth with a natural ouzo taste. They are handmade – these candies are handmade which ensures that they are carefully processed without incorporating any weird chemicals.

Are you ready to taste Greece?

The intensely singular flavor of anise or licorice offers a taste exploration less ordinary.

• Infuses the alluring flavor of Ouzo aperitif in delectable ouzo caramels
• Audacious taste of anise in every ouzo candy
• Authentic flavor of the Greek Isles
• Sugar-free, gluten-free, sodium-free, ideal treat for diabetics
• Makes an excellent corporate gift

All-natural ingredients

Touth FriendlyThe all-natural ingredients of ouzo candies include isomalt, a sugar substitute derived from sugar cane. This alternative sweetener makes ouzo caramels a great option for diabetics who are denied conventional confections laden with sugar. The distinctive flavor comes from natural anisol, an organic compound that gives our ouzo candy its tantalizing kick!

Like all Dyo Dyo products, ouzo caramels are made by hand, preserving the attention to detail and quality that is so important in all of our products. Packaged in a handsome glass jar, ouzo candy makes an excellent gift, particularly for corporate relationships.


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We GUARANTEE you’ll love the experience obtained from these natural candies.If you’re not satisfied with our products, please contact us to either get a refund or replacement. Our joy lies in customer satisfaction. We’ll be glad to help you get the best from us.


Dyo Dyo Ouzo caramels handmade hard candies Handmade from Chios Greece – Available:

In Carton box of 12  in  glass jars of 125g,

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