Strawberry Hard Candy Handmade from Chios Greece

LOGO dyo-dyoStrawberry Flavored Handmade Hard Candy, dyo-dyo from Chios Greece.

Strawberry hard candy is the perfect sweet treat for a craving. These candies are handmade, sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free, and sodium free. According to clinical research, the strawberry candies are suitable for people with diabetes since they are sugar-free. These hard candies leave a sweet taste combined with a natural intense strawberry juicy flavor.

Treat yourself dyo-dyo

SUGAR FREETreat yourself or your loved ones with dyo-dyo handmade flavored Strawberry Hard Candy to bring color and life into any party when you put these caramels on the table on any table arrangement. You can easily carry them to work and add some into your children’s lunch box.

Award-Winning dyo-dyo

OLYMP AWARDS GOLDThe dyo-dyo Strawberry Hard Candy were awarded a gold medal in the Olymp awards competition 2016.

dyo-dyo strawberry handmade hard candy is one of the best hard candies in the market.

Composition of the dyo-dyo hard candies

Strawberry Hard Candies dyo-dyo are made up of all-natural ingredients such as Isomalt, strawberry flavoring materials, water, vegetable dye: carmine, vitamin C, and citric acid all packed in a glass jar.
The dyo-dyo Strawberry Hard Candy has a wonderful strawberry flavor.

gluten freeThese caramels leave your mouth with a natural colorful strawberry taste. They are handmade – these candies are handmade which ensures that they are carefully processed without incorporating any weird chemicals.

Are you ready to color your life

Tooth FriendlyAre you ready to color your life and that of your loved ones with these candies?
dyo-dyo strawberry handmade hard candies give you a sweet natural flavor.Have a good composition – among the ingredients in the dyo-dyo handmade hard candies are vitamin C and citric acid. This natural composition leaves you energized and refreshed after taking the dyo-dyo natural candies.


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Strawberry Hard Candy Handmade from Chios Greece – Available:

In Carton box of 12  in  glass jars of 125g,

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