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The mission of OTC Importers & Distributors is twofold:

Niche food products to wholesale and retail customers!

The freshest and an amazing variety of premium products in the marketplace!

OTC offers a wide variety of services to support you and your business.

OTC delivers more than 200 different food and grocery items to stores in the U.S.

Home wholesale foods

Foods & Natural Products | Wholesale Importers & Distributors

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Olympic Trading Co, is dedicated to providing our customers with premium Organic Foods and Natural Quality Products, Olive oils, Vinegar, Honey, Herbs, Spices, Coffee, Coffee Gear, Candies, Natural Sea sponges, Beauty, and wholesale opportunities!

OTC Respect Company’s Platinum Rule!

We believe that every piece of product delivered should be top quality, we simplify the complex world of International Trade!
Essentially we treat people the way they want to be treated. Everyone is special and we treat you like you are our only customer.
We believe that each customer is unique and we believe in building relationships through trust and open communication.

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Wholesale Foods OLYMPIC TRADING!

Home wholesale foods Olympic Trading Co

Wholesale foods Olympic Trading Co will be the leading global supplier of value added finest foods solutions. Building on strong brands and innovative products, we will provide superior quality and service to customers and consumers around the world. Therefore loyalty and honesty are essential and a foundation to Olympic Trading Co. and our relationship with our customers.

Commitment still means something at Olympic Trading, Co. It is not something you will find in a contract or a proposal. It is something you find in a person’s character. What sets us apart is our deeply held belief that our word is our bond. Nikos Parginos CEO & Founder of the Olympic Trading Company believe, it’s not just business – it’s personal…

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