Apple Cinnamon Marmalade Gourmet MediTERRA

Mediterra Brand

Gourmet Apple Cinnamon MediTERRA, Ideal For Breakfast Dishes, Desserts, Premium Quality, Exotic Marmalade.
Greek gourmet foods. Produced under exacting conditions to ensure you receive the best quality!

MediTERRA Philosophy

Eclectic Greek Gastronomy. 4000 years history. Archestratos 320 B.C. A Blessed Land, where Light and Breeze welcome Mother Nature to flourish.
MediTERRA, an Authentic Greek Food Collection of High Nutritional Value. Delectable, Exquisite flavours. Pure. Natural. Traditional. Handmade. Favours Health and Longevity.

Delicious Alchemy

100 % natural no preservativesA truly delicious alchemy of the fruit natural fragrances of the Greek summer, manifest inside an elegant jar to stimulate each of your gastronomic senses. A smooth spread explosion of fresh apples crushed into cinnamon, wonderfully complement breakfast dishes, buttered French bread / cakes / cheesecakes / yogurt / marinades . A high nutritious marmalade, with intense, yet natural flavour that preserves its inherent pure qualities.


Money Back GuaranteeThe Olympic trading company is solely dedicated to providing you with the best natural products that are harmless to the body. As a result, the Gourmet Apple Cinnamon by MediTERRA  is one of the best products in the market. Olympicco brings you only the best natural products to your convenient locale.

GUARANTEED to change your lifestyle and approach towards natural candies to take healthy natural products. We only stock natural and clinically proven goods.

We GUARANTEE you’ll love the experience obtained from these natural candies.If you’re not satisfied with our products, please contact us to either get a refund or replacement. Our joy lies in customer satisfaction. We’ll be glad to help you get the best from us.


Apple Cinnamon Marmalade Gourmet MediTERRA from Thessaloniki Greece – Available:

In Carton box of 12  in  glass jars of 240g,

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