Kreenes BrandKreenes Brand Curtsy to the masterpiece of nature.

Kreenes Brand, With respect to nature and to a great heritage we have created products of excellent quality. We chose unique packaging and we gradually build a different mentality concerning the olive oil.

Our passion and willingness to offer the purest olive oil series has lead us to create a product with pure authentic taste and aromas from Greek nature. We also contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, thus adding a mark to longevity.

Kreenes Brand Consistency and reliability

Kreenes cooperate with 350 olive oil producers and 8 agricultural coops in Laconia Sparta, we follow the highest standards (ISO HACCP, PGI, BIO, etc.) by having permanent subscription by agronomists.

KREENES Brand, olive oils are exported to the U.S. and European Union countries through our associates. We increase our presence in the international market by reaching new agreements. Our main motivation and advantage is the acceptance of our products by the consumers because of their quality and savoriness.

Kreenes Location

Laconia is located in the southern end of Greece’s mainland of ancient Spartans. Olive groves situated in that area have a history that dates back to ancient times. Located between the Taygetos and Parnonas mountainsides and the rocky land of Mani the location is best described by its plentiful sunshine and little rain. This formation is the ideal for the prosperity and the finest taste of the olive fruit.

Kreenes Tradition

Kreenes Brand olive oil had a prominent place in the lives of people in Laconia because of its excellent nutritional facts as well as its profitable market value. It was used as medicine or in the cosmetics field due to its beneficial qualities. Ancient Spartans would rub themselves with olive oil to rejuvenate their bodies. Their wives used it as a hair conditioner, to moisturize their skin and to massage the bodies of newborn children.

The olive fruit was thought as the best “gift of life” by the people of Laconia Sparta. Retrieving knowledge and experience from the past has enabled them to carry on with this supreme tradition to this day.

Kreenes Singularities

Early winter each year the growers in Laconia collect the olive crops with great care. Their olive trees belong to the Koroneiki variety which is cultivated in southern Greece and to the variety of Athinoelia that only grows in Laconia. These kinds of olive trees give a unique, robust and tasty fruit.

Kreenes Brand Harvesting without harming the olive crop in addition to direct cold extraction, solely by mechanical means, guarantees an extremely low acidity.

In KREENES IHT SA we managed to combine and close in a bottle all those singularities that make a distinguished olive oil, Pureness and freshness of Greek nature.