Centaurs Earth Brand

Centaurs Earth Brand Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Centaurs Earth brand inspired by a local family of olive oil producers in the region of Magnesia in Greece.

Centaurs Earth brandCentaurs Earth Brand name is a sign of the myths that surround the mountain of Pelion about being inhabited by Centaurs. Creature’s half human and half horse, experts in combat and science. Producing olive oil for four generations Georgios Pitsos (Pitsos is the family name) decided to take the family business to the next level. ‘

We have been producing olive oil to satisfy our family’s demand, since my grand-grandfather planted the first olive trees, more than a hundred years ago’. Today our fields cover the family’s needs by far, producing a top quality olive oil with strong character, memorable aromas, delicate taste, and grassy flavor and pungent enough to make you remember and emphasize on its attributes. That is the olive oil our grandfathers used to offer to us, when we were children; this is the olive oil we offer them today! Same ways same values!

Our vision is to promote our virtues and apply them on our effort of preserving nature’s offering. We have designed every step carefully in order to reassure ourselves of the quality product you may receive. Do not jump to conclusions; every little thing we create is examined by one great aspect. Once something is ready it is evaluated on a feelings test. Is it exciting, does it describe and reveal all of its value? If yes, good we keep it. If no, then we try again, from the bottom, never try to mimic others, always innovate!

Centaurs Earth Brand Principles:

In order to take advantage of what time teaches you, you have to be patient. More time the better, expertise comes with exercise. So what we keep as principle one, to produce Centaurs’

Earth, is the following: we, the young ones, produce olive oil under the guidance of our fathers, but it is our grandfathers that judge the result. This order of things exploits the best out of youth’s passion as well as elders mentoring and experience.

Centaurs Earth Brand Premium Quality Olive Oil

Centaurs Earth Brand Premium Quality Olive OilOur difference, Virgin Origin. This olive oil is originated from the trees and bottled straight away without the adding of any additive. We trust our fields to produce what they are capable of without any interference. We take care of them one by one with our own hands. This was the way our father’s father treated them, this is how we treat them.

We aim to produce and offer exactly what comes out from nature herself. Every characteristic has to be chosen and grown only by nature. The smell, the color, the texture are all natural derivatives. Even filtration with chemical filters is avoided in order to preserve the Natural Character of the Centaurs’ Earth Olive Oil.

Patience is preferred as our filtration method, as the ancient Centaurs said, when you find something good, you have to let it settle down, you have to let it grow. Let the analysis of our Centaurs Earth Olive Oil be the legitimate proof of our quality. But let your senses describe the feelings of gazing into the clear crystal bottle, taste the flavor and smell the aromas coming out once you pop out the cork. Let your artistry evaluate the elegance that derives from our glorious ancestors, and has inspired us, to design such a meticulous bottle. Then you can appreciate the top quality product you have in front of you.

Centaurs' Earth brand Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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