SPAROZA Authentic traditional healthy products, specializing in herb and spice blends..

SPAROZA Brand, A manufacturer of the most delicious seasoning blends that are made with the freshest and most flavorful spices, in the heartland of Greece.

SPAROZA BrandSPAROZA Brand is a Greek family business, specializing in herbs, seeds, citrus and spices blends that can be used in every meal or snack occasion. The personality of each spice, the benefits and aromas of herbs, the power of seeds, the spark of our citrus zests are some of the inspiring elements that we work with when composing the character of each product.

SPAROZA Brand select the raw materials of our blends with strict criteria and treat each ingredient with respect; our fleur de sel is retained naturally moist, rosemary and thyme are picked when in blossom, we make our very own top quality citrus zest using fresh Greek lemons and oranges…

Every ingredient is ground to a different degree so as to best preserve its culinary and nutritional value.

Our blends are made for people with enthusiasm, who seek for joy, flavor and quality in their lives. Just one teaspoon of our blend can transform your everyday diet!

At SPAROZA we don’t see the end product as an end but as a creative beginning.

We are interested in the process of sharing, playing and exchanging experiences.

Most of all we are passionate about quality food and committed to producing culinary products of exquisite value.