Quality honey products under control!

Greek Honey Brand. Quality products under control!

Greek Honey BrandGreek Honey S.A. Brand in Mani Lakonias began in 1985 with love and passionate beekeeping. As the years passed, the love and passion became worship and lifestyle.

Year after year, with knowledge, expertise and experience we increased the number of beehives. In 1989 the company was active in all aspects of production, packaging and marketing of honey products and moved the company’s headquarters to Athens with new modern facilities. This big decision to move not only changed the habits of our own lives but the habits of all consumers of honey and gave new meaning to the term pure Greek “Honey.” With honey Mani produced in Greece, it went on to become a household name with Greek honey winning the first place in the hearts of the Greeks and abroad.

Today, our company is ranked as one of the largest firms and is recognized by Greek honey production and standardization. Our products have gained a significant market share. Distributed throughout Greece and abroad, they are identifiable and their quality has earned the trust of consumers. Our goal within the next year is to further highlight the high nutritional value of Mediterranean and especially traditional Greek products to even more consumers in Greece and abroad.

Greek Honey S.A. Brand Quality

The quality of our products is excellent because of the continuous and integrated controls of both the raw material and the finished product. The first quality checks are made on our premises and for more specialized analysis, samples are sent to certified laboratories in Greece and abroad. Only after the results of all these tests do we receive the honey from producers and promote standardization.So we are confident in the safety and purity of our products. Our company is certified quality system ISO 9001:2000 and is also one of the first certified by the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 Our products are on the shelves of all major super market chains in Greece and stand out because of their attractive packaging and their unique quality.