Theta Brand Premium Foods Co

Theta Brand, Delivers the most rare, unique and exquisite food products Greek ‘Mother Land’ has to offer.

 THETA BRANDTHETA Brand Inspired by the colors, aromas, and flavors of plants and trees of our privately owned estates, Enlightened by the scripts of Theophrastus, the ‘Father of Botany’, Guided by the tradition and heritage of three generations of family agricultural knowledge, and Led with great ambition for perfection!

We introduce and proudly deliver to the few, a new dimension of superiority in tasting pleasure.

Be invited to a dream journey of the most divine, rare, and exquisite.

OUR ISLAND: Beautiful Lesvos with many streams, rich flora and fauna, famous olives groves, the mild Mediterranean climate, charming traditional villages and remarkable examples of industrial architecture (olive presses, soap factories, tanneries) dating from the Island’s industrial development in the 19th century, impress all visitors. It is the homeland of the famous ancient poets Sappho and Alkaios.
Homeland of Theophrastos, the so called ‘Father of Botany’ The contribution of Lesvos to the arts and letters has been invaluable. Eminent personalities such as Arion, Theophilos, and Str. Myrivilis, were born here. Additionally, the Nobel prizewinning poet Odysseas Elytis was of Lesvian descent.

THETA Brand figsOUR ESTATES: Besides our offices with the warehouse and logistics center operating under HACCP and in process of requiring ISO 22000 certifications, and in addition to our new and under construction Fig Syrup production plant, our most beloved place is our estates.

THETA Brand are grateful owners of several estates of total coverage of approximately 100 acres. But the one paying special attention to, is our 52 acres estate in which olive and fig trees can be seen. This estate is under BIO certification at the moment. The fig trees were planted 4 years ago, and this is the first year that some fruit will be taken from.

This is a special type of fig tree grown only on the island of Lesvos, with the unique point that has the necessary sugars and enzymes to give us fig syrup directly, not by mashing and adding sugar (as some do) but with extraction.


THETA Brand honeyAfter successful life overseas with studies and career, Dimitris and Konstantinos,  the two brothers, return to their hometown (Eresos of Lesvos island ) with the  vision to produce superior food local products.

Using the heritage of three generations of agricultural knowledge and our meraki, THETA today, delivers the three first supreme products: Fig Syrup, Premium Raw Thyme Honey and Pure Island Wildflowers with Thyme Honey.

This great achievement is mainly owned to our father Elias, who back in 1965 was one of the first in Greece that applied conventional beehive technology in order to harvest honey.

THETA Brand MISSION: Our mission is that our company. Delivers the most rare, unique and exquisite food products Greek ‘Mother Land’ has to offer. We differentiate ourselves from all the rest by offering superior quality to gestation (the act of tasting). Our current and future product lines are intended to the few premium food connoisseurs who continuously seek the best.

Be invited to live the divine and superb world of THETA Brand luxury gastronomy.

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