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Facts And Uses of Saffron
Saffron is a very important spice and ingredient used in foods today. It adds flavor to the dish and enhances its essence. The quality of it depends on the intensity of the color. More red the saffron is, better is its quality. Krokos Kozanis is a high quality and organic red saffron produced in Greece. Krokos Kozanis is also called as Greek Saffron and is available in filament form.

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Wholesale Saffron Uses and Usage of Saffron:

Greek Saffron is generally known to be costlier than other forms of saffron. Despite its cost, it is heavily used in foods, coloring purposes (in dyes), perfumes, liquor and medicines. Coming to culinary uses, we see saffron used mostly in Indian, Chinese, European and African cuisines. Mixture of saffron releases yellowish orange color into foods. Hence it is widely used in baked foods, cheese and liquor.

Red and deep orange colored dyes are prepared using Greek saffron owing to its rich color. But usage of such dyes is not generally accepted as the red color fades away to orange over the time. Hence such dyes must be carefully used based on the color requirement. It is also used in many Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines to treat acne, asthma, insect bites, liver disorders, weak eyesight and many more ailments. Apart from all these, it is also used in beauty products to increase complexion of fair skin.

The usage of saffron is excess in India and China. Apart from these, it is also used in Africa and many states in North America. Production is maximum in Iran, Greece, Kashmir, Spain and Italy. South Asian and South North American countries also produce saffron but in less quantities.

Greek saffron ancient agePurchasing Wholesale Saffron:

Purchasing wholesale saffron is not very difficult today; thanks to the development of internet. There are online distributors across many countries in the world. One of the renowned distributors in United States is Olympic Trading Co. The company supplies finest quality thread saffron and wholesale saffron across the globe.