Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Drop of Life Limited Reserve, in Luxury Wooden Gift Box 500ml

Olympia Awards Get an Extra Virgin Olive Oil at its Best: Drop of Life means (extra virgin olive oil) Limited Reserve

This newest extra virgin olive oil product is made of exceptionally healthy and high quality polyphenols, which contain higher concentration of natural ingredients than the required or standard amount. Drop of Life Limited is now out in the market in a creative and stylish packaging.

The miracle liquid Drop of Life!

limited_reserveDrop of Life Extra Virgin Olive Oil is offering a number of health benefits that are not just good for the skin but also for your hair, immunity, allergies, and digestion. Through a series of researches and studies, the public is getting a strong awareness of the wonders of this olive oil Drop of Life Limited Reserve. Its popularity continues to spread throughout the world. Now, there is a more convenient way of using Extra Virgin olive Oil through the Drop of Life Limited Reserve.

Characteristics and health benefits!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Drop of Life Limited ReserveBecause of its efficient benefits, the product has become an awarded olive oil known in the world as a wonder olive oil. Actually, it was recognized by the Oleocanthal International Society (OIS) as the healthiest olive oil among 400 participants all over the world.

Clinical researches have made it possible for the product to be recognized in the international level. The highest in total phenolics, with 3076 mg per kg, was the Drop of Life, which is derived from the newly discovered Olympia variety and produced by the Mathiopoulos family at The Greek Olive Estate.

Best Features of Drop of Life Limited Reserve!

1. Scientifically proven safe and effective According to the tests and analysis made on the product, it was found out that it could be one of the healthiest olive oil that is safe to use.

2. Made from the finest fruit fresh from the ancient olive trees This extra virgin olive oil has processed using the finest fruits, which had been freshly harvested from a tree. The olive trees are carefully selected in order to get the most of what the fruit can give. Actually, the fruit is preserved during the harvest seasons to bring out the utmost level of polyphenols. Milling of olives is another procedure, which is essential in coming up with the highest quality of outcome.

3. Presentably packaged good as luxury gift. The packaging stage must be one of the hardest procedures for the finishing touch. It is sealed in an elegant 500ml bottle that looks like a jewel in disguise. Overall, it is a healthy gift best for your loved ones and corporate friends.

4. Gives a soothing and relaxing aroma and feeling. You will surely be amazed of how this healthy product has turned out to be almost perfect. The best thing about the Drop of Life (extra virgin olive oil) Limited Reserve is its aromatic essence, giving you both a spicy and bitter taste. Because the fruit was harvested during its best state, you are sure to get the best out of it.

5. Claimed as an efficient and healthy product Drop of Limited Life Reserved is a healthy EVOO product that offers the best effect for your health. Actually, taking two tablespoon of olive oil per day can give you the best of what it has to offer. It is not just safe but it is healthy at the same time.

EU Health Claim

“The consumption of olive oil polyphenols contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” – EU Health Claim

Acidity: 0.28%
Polyphenols: 3076 mg/kg

Variety: 100% Choraitiki / Olympia
Harvest Season: October – December
Region: Rizospilia, Arkadia



Extra virgin olive oil, drop of life limited reserve Available: Carton box of 6 in glass bottles in Luxury Wooden Gift Box 500ml, at wholesale price!

Packaged and sealed by hand with no machine involved in the production process under strict hygiene standards. Is supplied in a luxury packaging with glass container see pictures.

OLYMPIC TRADING CO cooperates closely with The Greek Olive Estate and we are an authorized distributor for their products.

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