Premium RAW Greek Thyme Honey Limited Production

Theta BrandTheta has made a special thyme honey as a perfect addition to your kitchen.

The product is inspired by the flavors, aromas and colors of plants in their privately owned country estate, and enlightened by the scripts of the Father of Botany, Theophrastus. Guided by the heritage and tradition of four generations of the family agricultural knowledge as well as led with great drive for perfection, Theta proudly introduces the limited edition raw Greek thyme honey, a superiority in tasting pleasure.

This luxurious thyme honey from Lesvos, Greece!

THETA Thyme Honey Limited ProductionThis luxurious thyme honey is limited, rare and one hundred percent pure, premium raw monofloral honey that contains sixty percent of the thyme pollen. Because of the nutritional and therapeutic properties, it is recommended to consume the product straightly.

Can be used raw as a topping on yogurt and ice cream. When added, you can have a smooth and gentle sweetness at the start, after that a feeling of herb aromas and wild thyme will burst out. The premium honey is lab tested, extracted and unfiltered under 35 degrees with no pasteurization. It is not applied to heating which destroys phenol, yeast enzymes and aromas.

Superior thyme honey quality!

It is bottled in exquisite violet glass container design which increases its shell life and prolongs its effectiveness. The raw honey sets itself apart from other products with its high quality and provides your product an optimal protection against harmful light effects. Sealed and packaged manually.

There is no machine involved during the process of production. Thyme is highly popular as a cooking herb. However, it is also anti-fungus, antimicrobial and antiseptic. Its active ingredients such as carvacro, thymol and biocides are extracted from the thyme oil.

Theta Limited Premium RAW Greek Thyme Honey is the superior thyme honey quality because aside from having a unique taste, it also combines great standards with organic certification as well as laboratory testing at a credited laboratory, which certifies its purity and superior quality.

Characteristics and health benefits!

This superior honey is renowned for its incredible health benefits that everyone can cash in on. It serves as strong antioxidant, prevents cancer, relieves sore throat, skin toner, treats cases of food poisoning and anti-cholesterol property. Other than that, it has been stated to include high rosmarinic acid levels, a polyphenol particularly abundant in a number of culinary herbs like sage, marjoram, basil, thyme and rosemary. These affirmative effects have the ability to suppress allergic responses of immunoglobulin and inflammation that is caused by leukocytes.

Moments of self indulgence!

The passion of Theta is to harvest and curate the finest quality of honey.

Many believed that Greek honey is the best tasting honey around the world, due to its dry climate, plenty of sunshine and diverse flora. It is well-known that blossoms, herbs and flowers on which the honeybees feed are main contributing factors to the complex and unique tastes of honey.

This sweet-smelling raw honey works well spread or drizzled over natural yogurt, nuts, fruit, toast and pancakes that will beautifully compliment to any breakfast table. Grab one of this limited edition to enjoy and savor your foods.


THETA – PREMIUM RAW GREEK THYME HONEY LIMITED PRODUCTION (11.6 OZ) Available: Carton box of 6 in glass bottles of 330 g, at wholesale price!

Packaged and sealed by hand with no machine involved in the production process under strict hygiene standards. Is supplied in a luxury packaging with glass container of 330g net weight content.

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