Greek Natural Fig Nectar Syrup Limited Reserve

Theta great taste awardThe Rare and the Useful Superfood Natural Fig Nectar Syrup

Theta Fig Nectar Syrup, has been declared as Great Taste Awards which is certainly prized for its 100% purity, high quality and amazing unique taste. The Limited 100% Natural Fig Nectar – Syrup is a very rare and limited production of fig syrup that is supplied in packaging with luxury to be used for private moments for sensorial gastronomy. This divine and exquisite product is produced by fig trees found in Eresos, located on the Lesvos Island.

Production of the miracle liquid from Lesvos Island Greece!

This rare and very limited product is purely extracted from the figs. There is no sugar and any preservatives that are added to it. It has dark brown coloring with bronze as tones that can be seen in the light.

The product that final is from a standard under a very strict health with the use of techniques that are traditional. During its boiling stage there are some herbs that are certainly natural that are added in order for the gourmet flavor be maximize.

There are no machines involved with the packaging and all are hand sealed. They are under a strict hygiene standard that they follow in dong their production processes.

Uses & Benefits of Theta Natural Fig Nectar Syrup LIMITED RESERVE

The Uses of This Fig Nectar Syrup has many uses.

100 % natural no preservativesYou can drizzle it on salad, risotto, pancakes, sushi, ice cream, Greek yogurt, and cheesecake or panna cotta. For use in sensorial gastronomy it is advised to be used and try by glazing Foie Gras.

Dried or fresh figs are well known after being consumed to be having health benefits that are quite amazing. For centuries now, figs are used in treating disorders like diabetes and hemorrhoids. They can also treat respiratory, urinary and liver diseases.

  1. The antioxidants that are found in figs are capable of protecting lipoproteins in our blood from the oxidation.
  2. Fig can provide some relief from the chronic constipation and disorders in gastrointestinal. It is found in some studies that eating figs can improve motility that is why it can improve and prevent constipation.
  3. Figs are known to be high in Flavonoids. They are high with flavonoid quercetin that is known for preventing colon and lung cancers.
  4. It can help in controlling the high blood pressure
  5. Figs can reduce the inflammation that can link in to the development of cancer. Fig is rich in Luteolin which is the most effective in blocking tumor growth. Imagine what fig nectar syrup can do for us all.

The Appearance of glamour and luxury.

Theta BrandThe brown syrup is enclosed in a glass bottle that design like a square crystal of the Italians and are made exquisitely.

This design speaks of glamour and luxury. It is the statement of all the luxuries one will get in purchasing this fig nectar syrup. It is not the luxury of money but the health benefits that it can provide for you. You can save a lot in your expenses if you would be sick.

Why buy the product?

Money Back GuaranteeAs stated above there are a lot of benefits the figs have in it. This fig nectar syrup has all of that benefit. They are useful and you can have the guarantee that it will be worth your money up to its very last drop.

Packaging & Availability?

GREEK NATURAL FIG NECTAR SYRUP LIMITED RESERVE – THETA Available: Carton box of 12 in glass bottles of 270 g, at wholesale price!

Packaged and sealed by hand with no machine involved in the production process under strict hygiene standards. Is supplied in a luxury packaging with glass container of 270g net weight content, and a 1000g bottle for the high gastronomy Ho.Re.Ca market.

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Fig Nectar Syrup

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